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Maze Nav Konkan - Marathi Children's Song

Remember Macchindra Kambli’s popular play Yeva Konkan Aplach Asa, this children’s song captures exactly that. They say that the people of Konkan are simpletons and have a heart of gold.

माझे नाव कोंकण
घरापुढे अंगण

अंगणात रांगोळी
मागे-पुढे झाडे वेली

माझ्या घरात नाही घाई
वाटेल तेव्हा झोप येई

उठा उठा तोंड धुवा
गाई-म्हशीचे दूध प्या 

झाडामाडा लावा पाणी
नारळांच्या भरल्या गोणी

दगड धोंडे लाल माती
तांदुळाची भरली पोती

नाही गडबड नाही धडपड
पिठले भात खाउ रग्गड

कित्याक गो माका तुका
अशी इथे ऐका भाषा

वाजले किती बघू नका
मुंबईला जाउ नका!  


  1. Loved your blog and the songs collection! It made me re-live those precious childhood moments. All the best for your further work!!

    Thanks & All the very best,

    Arundhati :-)

    Sing, Dance, Meditate, Celebrate!

  2. where can i download the song they played in the begining of see no evil?

  3. Thanks for sharing wonderful information of giving best information. Its more useful and more helpful. Great doing keep sharing.


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