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Aaji Bai Aaji - Marathi Children's Song

Just like the Aaji Bai in this song, my aaji too is very pious and religiously observes all holy days. This song is from the book Badbadgeete by Usha Khadilkar (published by Jyotsana Prakashan, Pune).

आजी बाई आजी बाई
कुठे निघाला?
जाणार कुठे मी
जाते देवाला!

आजी बाई आजी बाई
बेल कशाला?
आज आहे सोमवार

आजी बाई आजी बाई
दुर्वा कशाला?
आज आहे मंगळवार

आजी बाई आजी बाई
हार कशाला?
आज आहे गुरुवार

आजी बाई आजी बाई
तांदूळ कशाला?
आज आहे शुक्रवार

आजी बाई आजी बाई
तेल कशाला?
आज आहे शनिवार

Blessed are those who enjoy the company of their aaji (grandmother). I find aajibai songs very cute as they remind me of my childhood days spent with my own grandmothers. My paternal grandmother turned 90 on December 20, 2009 and we marked the day with a gala celebration. Though she was against having a party and all that she wanted was her children and great grandchildren by her side, we finally persuaded her.
My aaji's hearing may be weak but her memory is still strong. Aaji is a repository of old Marathi songs, especially children's rhymes. She now keeps her great grandsons entertained with these rhymes.


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