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Apadi Thapadi Gulachi Papadi

My aaji used to recite this rhyme for us during meal times or sometimes while whiling away time in the afternoon. When we were toddlers, it was a sort of encouragement during the long meals to finish the bite faster. During playtime, she would animate the song for us. I remember the actions too. In the first para, lock your fingers with your partner like in a chain and then hold each other's ears (lightly ofcourse) in the second para. If I remember it right, you have to pull the ears lightly at the beginning of the third para and then clap at the last line. 

आपडी थापडी
गुळाची पापडी
धम्मक लाडू, तेल काढू!

तेलंगीचे एकच पान
दोन हाती धरले कान!

चाउ माउ, चाउ माउ!
पितळीतले पाणी पिउ!
हंडा पाणी गडप!


  1. Baalgeetancha ek pustak ahe chhan. Naav athwat nahi. Mast ! ! Wachun maja ali.

  2. My childhood has the same experince. Kharach maja aali.....!!


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