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Aai Ye Eekade - Marathi Nursery Rhyme

 A Marathi nursery rhyme that was popular in the pre-independence era, this song instills a feeling of patriotism in children. The lines proudly say that the child is ready to give up his/her toys and take up the slate and books so that he/she can become literate for the country. The child is even ready to give up his life for the country's sake.

आई आई ये इकडे
माझे गाणे डे
देश माझा हिंदुस्तान
देशासाठी देईन प्राण
बाहुली बोलकी नको मला
पाटी पेन्सिल दे मजला
शाळेमध्ये जाईन 
धडा पहिला गिरविन


  1. I think .. it is not "bahuli bolaki" as in "bolnaari bahuli" .. it is "boLaki" as in "bhatukalichi bhandi".

    I don't know when the rhyme was written. I am not an authority to comment on this. But I feel .. it is more about "stree-shikshan".

  2. I think you are right. Most of these songs have no known origins so its difficult to know. It could well be about stree-shikshan. Btw, I too think it is bolaki. just that, I went nuts trying to type 'la' from 'kamal' in Marathi.
    Thanks for the comment

  3. It's always exciting to read through articles from other authors and practice something from their websites.


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