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Marathi Diwali Laxmi Puja Songs

A neat compilation of some of the most popular Marathi tracks celebrating the spirit of Diwali. This collection is my favorite. I've scoured the net and tried to put together a list that we can all enjoy together. Do leave your feedback and Diwali greetings! Happy Diwali!

Aali Diwali Mangaldayi by Lata Mangeshkar from the Marathi movie Bayakocha Bhau welcomes the festival of lights into our lives. May our lives light up like the diyas so beautiful and auspicious. Enjoy Lataji's melodious voice in Aali Diwali Mangaldayi

This Marathi song equates the joy of celebrating Diwali (Divali, Deepawali) with the joy of being at the feet of Lord Vitthal. What I like the most is the prologue to it which explains the significance of Dhanteras, Narak Chaturdashi, Lakshmi Puja and Bhau Beej (Bhai Dooj). Drown in the sea of devotion this Dipavali with Aaj Diwali Dasara, Aalo Vithalache Dwara

In the song Diwali Yenar Ghari, Amchya Ghari Ana Tumchya Ghari, a group of young girls welcomes the festival with pomp. Rangoli and lots of revelry is on the cards as newly married girls visit their maternal homes with lots of gifts for their family.
Play this song early in the morning and you will have a perfect beginning to your Diwali Pahat. Listen to Diwali Yenar Ghari, Amchya Ghari Ana Tumchya Ghari here. 

This is one recitation that we have all learned in childhood. My grandmother would make us stand in front of the puja ghar and recite Shubamkaroti Kalyanam. Listen to Lata Mangeshkar's divine voice in Diva Pahuni Laxmi Yete, Shubankaroti Mhana Mulano here.

Spread love, goodness and lots of cheer this Deepavali with another one of Lataji's songs - Diva Divyanchi Jyot Sangate Tujhi Ni Majhi Priti by Lata Mangeshkar. One of the best songs from this Diwali special compilation, listen to it here.

Usha Mangeshkar calls the full moon night of Diwali magical as it heralds a new morning. I simply love the lyrics of Lakh Divyani Kamal Keli, Tinisanjela Sakal Zali, Aali Diwali Aali.


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