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Moral Stories for Kids - Wagh Ani Brahman

वाघ आणि ब्राह्मण

A priest passing through a jungle finds a tiger caged. The tiger pleads and the priest decides to free the tiger. However, as soon as it is free, the tiger attacks the priest and says that it plans to eat the priest. The priest begs for mercy but the tiger does not relent.

A monkey watching the entire incident decides to intervene. It asks the two what exactly happens and asks the tiger to describe. The monkey mocks at the tiger saying that his version of the story is untrue as it is not possible to fit a huge animal like him in that small cage. The tiger gets angry and enters the cage.

The monkey sees that and quickly shuts the cage. The priest is relieved and runs away.

Moral of the Story: As you sow, so shall you reap. Goodness is always rewarded.

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