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Ye Re Ye Re Pavsa

ये रे ये रे पाउसा

One of the first Marathi nursery rhymes that we all learn. The song in this video is slightly different from the easy one we know -

ये रे ये रे पाउसा
तुला देतो पैसा
पैसा झाला खोटा
पाउस आला मोठा
ये ग ये ग सरी
माझे मडके भरी
सर आली धाउ
मडके गेले वाहून

In this song, a young girl asks the rain if it is upset with her and begs it to come back again. She promises to enjoy the rains thoroughly once it starts pouring and hopes that her school would shut down if rain comes down heavily.

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