I hope all my Marathi speaking friends enjoy this blog. I'll try to make it the best resource for the best nursery rhymes, children's songs complete with videos and lyrics in Marathi.

Ek Hota Kau

एक होता काउ तो चिमणीला म्हणाला...

A sparrow is bewildered when a crow asks her to bathe him. Stunned by his request, the sparrow is further puzzled when the parrot asks her to pet him. A mouse, tortoise and eagle further add to her confusion with their requests.

I love the way the song rhymes,
काउ म्हणाला घाल न्हाऊ
घूस म्हणाली पूस
पोपट म्हणाला थोपट
कसाव म्हणाले चड्डी नेसव !

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