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Ad Gula Mud Gula

अड़ गुल मड गुल

In this song Anjani, the mother of baby Hanuman, sings lovingly to him telling him that he is the cutest baby of all. She coos to her baby and pampers him with adoring words.

Lyrics of the song -

अड़ गुल मड गुल
सोन्याच कड़ गुल
रुप्याचा वाळा
तान्ह्या बाळा
तीट लाऊ

1 comment:

  1. One of our neighbours gave a different version of this:

    aad (vihir) gol (circle), maad (?) gol,
    sonyaacha kaDa gol, rupyaachaa vaaLaa gol,
    baaLaachi tiTi gol

    She said .. this rhyme indirectly teaches kids the shape circle.


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